Genuine Mitsubishi

Front Wiper Service

Genuine Mitsubishi Wiper Blades Free Installation Washer Fluid Refill Rear Wiper Blade Inspection

Tire Special

On a set of 4 tires
$100 Instant Rebate
+ Free 2-Year Road Hazard Warranty; Covers punctures, bruises or impact flats

Free Battery Charging

and Belt System Inspection + 20% OFF New Battery
Includes digital battery and charging system check, inspect terminals, cables and belts

Essential Service

+ 10% OFF Additional Recommended Parts & Services
Oil & filter change with Genuine Mitsubishi 0W-20 full synthetic oil Tire Rotation Windshield Wiper Service - Genuine Mitsubishi front wipers Battery Inspection Brake Inspection Computerized Vehicle Inspection Report
Genuine Mitsubishi Conventional

Oil & Filter Change

$49.99 0W-20 Full Synthetic Oil & Filter Change
Outperforms Conventional and Synthetic blend motor oils in overall performance and fuel economy.
Westgate Triad Mitsubishi Special

Tire Rotation

Rotate Your Tires Every 5,000 Miles for Optimal Wear
Westgate Triad Mitsubishi Special

All Accessories

In Stock Are
25% OFF
Westgate Triad Mitsubishi Special

Buy 3 Tires Get 1


Wild Card

Savings Up To
$150 OFF
$100 - $249
10% OFF
$250 - $499
12% OFF
$500 - $999
15% OFF